Court bookings and guests

Court bookings for non members

Not a member of De Oude Eik but still want to enjoy a delightful game of tennis? No problem! You can rent a single tennis court for just €25 per hour.

Court rental is always subject to availability and needs to be arranged in consultation with the facility manager. Interested in renting a tennis court at De Oude Eik? Contact us quickly to reserve your spot for a sporty day on the court!

Bring a guest to play

Want to introduce a friend to the unique experience of Tennis Park De Oude Eik? Or perhaps you’d like to play tennis with someone who isn’t a member yet? You can! With our guest program, non-members can enjoy our facilities.

Introducing a guest costs only €7 per hour. Renting a tennis court and introducing someone are both possible after prior consultation with park management and subject to court availability. Note: each person can be introduced a maximum of three times per year.

Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us and let your friends experience De Oude Eik!