Tennis Ladder

Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out: With the Club ladder, you’ll quickly find tennis players at your level! Choose if you want to play singles and/or doubles, select your level, and the days you prefer to play.

Sign up today and take the first step towards pushing your boundaries on the tennis court!

The ladder competition at De Oude Eik

  • Play singles, doubles, or both
  • Play a fun match every 2 weeks
  • You will be placed according to your playing leve
  • You choose when you prefer to play
  • In doubles, you play with a fixed partner
  • Arrange everything on the Sport Connexions website

Tennis Ladder - Singles

Step onto the court and let your skills shine in our ladder competition for singles players! Join in and experience the thrill of challenging opponents of equal level as you compete to reach the top of the ladder.

Sign up today. You will then be placed at your level and can indicate your availability to play each week.

Tennis ladder - Doubles

Join and form an unbeatable team in our doubles ladder competition! Stand side by side with your partner and challenge other dynamic duos as you work together to climb the ladder.

Sign up today and get ready for a double dose of tennis fun and competition! You will be placed at your level, and you can indicate your availability to play each week.