Tennis Park De Oude Eik in Wassenaar is situated in an idyllic and tranquil location, nestled amidst lush greenery.

With our beautiful outdoor courts, modern facilities, and a passionate community of players, we are a sporty and friendly tennis park for all ages.

Whether you’re here for a relaxed game of tennis with friends or to elevate your skills with the assistance of our professional instructors, at De Oude Eik, you’ll find everything you need. Come and discover for yourself why playing tennis at our club is so special!


As a member of our club, you enjoy exclusive benefits, such as unlimited access to our high-quality all-weather courts.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, our membership provides the perfect opportunity to develop and share your passion for tennis with like-minded players.

We offer various membership options, so there’s always one that suits your preferences!

Tennis coaching for adults and juniors

Do you want to elevate your game to the next level? Our experienced instructors are ready to guide you with personalized sessions tailored to your skills and goals.

With their expert tips and techniques, you’ll become a tennis champion in no time!

At De Oude Eik, it’s possible to take tennis coaching at every level, either in private or in groups of two to ten persons. Explore all the options and sign up today.


We organize numerous activities throughout the entire year. You can participate in a variety of exciting events, such as internal tournaments, club championships, and social gatherings.

This way, you are not only improving your skills but also form friendships that last a lifetime.

Court rental & guests

If you simply feel like to play a game, you can always rent a court for a relaxed match with friends or family.

On our floodlit courts, you can even play in the evenings, ensuring the fun never has to end (weekdays until 10 PM, weekends until 6 PM).

Even if you’re not a member of De Oude Eik, it’s possible to play tennis there. You can find all information about court rental and introducing non-members here.